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Engage with Noria

About us

As an independent and non-profit research organization, we believe that political crises cannot be understood without a deep grasp for the dynamics on the ground.

Our primary mandates are to translate data gathered on the ground into original analyses, and to leverage our research for the purpose of informing policy debates and engaging wider audiences

This is why we are doctrinally committed to field-based research. Cognizant that knowledge ought to benefit society, we also pledge to impact civil society organizations, policymakers, and the general public.


Conducting and supporting independent research

Noria’s work is guided by a set of core values and ethics put in place in order to guarantee that our research meets the highest standards of rigor and impartiality.

Advocating for the craft of research

Noria promotes a specific tradecraft in conducting fieldwork, a method premised upon long-term immersion, empiricism, peer-dialogue, and peer-review.

Bringing academic standards of research into the public sphere.

Noria aims to bridge the divides that have traditionally kept academic research from reaching both lay audiences and relevant policy communities. We believe scholarly voices must be amplified in order to improve understanding of world affairs, and that they constitute a critical resource in the fight against disinformation.

Pushing knowledge forward and promoting inclusivity.

Noria is committed to both imagining tomorrow’s research and to opening doors for individuals and communities typically excluded from the research profession. Toward these ends, we promote innovative research methods, creative means of dissemination, local collaborations, and diversity in grant-making.

Our team