Adrian Foucher

Project manager

Adrian Foucher is a PhD candidate in Geography at Tours University. He has a long standing-interest in humanitarian action : both practices and philosophy.

His doctoral research questions the notion of humanitarian state and, for doing so, focuses specifically on the Syrian refugees settlement in Turkey. His work is mostly based on in-depth ethnographic studies.

Previously, Adrian coordinated humanitarian programs for a French medical NGO at the Turkish-Syrian border and within the refugee camps of Chios island, in Greece.

His research mostly aims to develop a critical perspective of the humanitarian assistance system. He deeply believes that research and humanitarian action could mutually and greatly enriched by working together.

Adrian Foucher taught geography and geopolitics at Tours University, Rouen University, Conservatoire National des Métiers, Institut d’Étude Politiques de Rennes and École des Hautes Études en Sciences sociales.

Publications on Noria