Turkey program

Turkey program


Created in 2019, the Noria-research Turkey Program aims to study political reconfigurations through the prism of regime transformations.
The program gathers researchers around a multidisciplinary approach and qualitative methodology. Collectively, they produce field-based research, analytically supported by cartography and infographics, to highlight the contemporary transformations of politics in Turkey.

The Turkey program investigates three research axis:

→ Transformations of the state

→ The evolution of the partisan field

→ Turkey’s relations with its regional environment

Our core ambition is to think of these three axes as connected and to focus on their interactions. Presidentialisation of the regime and debates on its legacy reveal the relationship between political party competition, internal balance of the Turkish state and strategic reorientations of the country.

Throughout its activities, the Noria Turkey Program relies on institutional partnerships, such as CERI-Sciences-Po, Inalco or IFEA.


“Kanal Istanbul”: multiple dimensions and meanings of a glocal “megaproject”

16 October 2022

October 2022 JEAN-FRANCOIS PEROUSE The ‘Kanal İstanbul’ project is a…

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Towards a post-AKP Turkey? Parties and coalitions on the eve of the elections

20 January 2022


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The economic crisis of 2018, an opportunity and a test for the Turkish presidency

14 March 2019

MARCH 2019 NICOLAS RESSLER Turkey has been facing a major…

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Maps & DATA Vizualization

Noria’s Turkey program offers an analysis of contemporary Turkey and its transformations through original cartographic and infographic work. Based on qualitative, quantitative and fieldwork data, maps and infographics provide an essential tool for program researchers in interpreting and transmitting knowledge to a wider audience.


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Noria Buluşmaları

Noria’s Turkey Program constitutes a space for research, publication and exchange in order to feed public and scientific debate on contemporary Turkey. Every year, open or closed events entitled the “Noria Buluşmaları” contribute to the scientific and public debates and promote rich interactions between specialists.

On 19 and 20 October 2020, in partnership with CERI/Sciences Po, Noria’s Turkey program organised the conference “AKP and Beyond: the transformation of the Turkish political field”, as well as the seminar “Assessing the modalities of presidentialisation: political, institutional and economic reconfigurations in contemporary Turkey”.

On 3 November 2021,  Noria’s Turkey program organised the seminar “A new foreign policy paradigm? Ideological and practical dimension”


Yohanan Benhaïm (IFEA) – Program Co-director

Alexandre Toumarkine (Inalco) – Program Co-director

Claire Visier (Rennes 2) – Program Editor

Elvan Arik

Anouck Corte-Real

Théotime Chabre

Adrian Foucher

Béatrice Garapon

Elen Le Chêne

Cem Deniz Kut

Sümbül Kaya

Elise Massicard

Maïssam Nimer

Cléa Pineau

Nicolas Ressler

Ece Nirun

Nouran Gad

Jean-François Pérouse