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Noria launched its roundtables to keep up with new research in the making. The monthly meetings allow students to present on their work and to discuss their research techniques with more experienced colleagues. Noria supports young researchers in a constructive environment in order to train them in various research practices, such as field studies, structuring of scientific analyses, and publication in innovative formats. Ever since the launch of the roundtables, over fifty young researchers have presented their works at the events.


Research is a craft that requires a diversity of skills. Noria offers to complement the academic expertise of young researchers by training them to: 

→ Conduct field studies and set up collective research projects

→ Share their knowledge: teach, write in innovative formats, circulate their work in the media

→ Build their career and safeguard their professional status


In 2018, Noria created field grants to support young researchers in their work and ensure their autonomy. The grants are offered to PhD students of any citizenship who do not have access to funding for their work. Beyond funding travel, our grants offer researchers full support from field studies to the publication of their work in several languages. Once the program is completed, the recipients may join our team to pass on what they have learned, by presenting their work in our roundtables or by publishing it with our editorial team


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