Supporting the work of tomorrow's researchers

In 2018, Noria created field grants to support young researchers in their work and ensure their autonomy. The grants are offered to PhD students of any citizenship who do not have access to funding for their work. Beyond funding travel, our grants offer researchers full support from field studies to the publication of their work in several languages. Once the program is completed, the recipients may join our team to pass on what they have learned, by presenting their work in our roundtables or by publishing it with our editorial team.


The call for applications for the 2022-2023 grants is open until January 31, 2023

The call for applications is now closed. See you on April 15, 2023 for the announcement of the laureates!

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Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question :

2022 Noria Grants

Shreya Parikh, “Racialisation and its contestation in Tunisia”

Necati Mert, “Participative dispositions and power legitimation in Turkey’s current foreign policy”

Maurane Hillion, “Walking through walls: Transformation, regulation and behaviours around the border wall in Meghalaya (India)”

Nina Bries Silva, “Territory as a victim: Rethinking transitional justice through a Columbian indigenous experience”

Barbara Gigi, in the frame of the “Making of a Researcher” Grant

2021 Noria Grants

Sofia Stimmatini, “Searching for People, Dead or Alive. An Ethnography of Disappearances of Migration in Morocco”

Gehad Elgendy, “Female Genital Alterations in Egypt. Sexuality, Medicine and the Governing of Bodies”

Riddhi Gyan Pandey, “Telling Carceral Lives: Ethnographic Research on Prison Narratives in India”

Allah-Kauis Neneck, “State, Radicalization and Security Governance around Lake Chad

2020 Noria Grants

Sixtine Deroure, “The factory of the martyr and the reformulation of Egyptian nationalism”

Ece Nirun, “Leader, camera, nation: modalities of audiovisual communication and the staging of history in AKP Turkey”

Lora Labarere, “Living the descent: from the reconstruction of filiation to the reconfiguration of identity and memory. The case of third and fourth generation French descendants in Argentina and Uruguay”

Tom Fournaux, “The kôk-bôrù in Kyrgyzstan, between heritage game and globalized sport”

2019 Noria Grants

Nouran Gad, “Constitution of an “Arab” space of politics in Istanbul: migratory trajectories, political mobilizations and associative sociabilities”

Clémence Vendryes, “A geography of Palestine through its cemeteries”

Wilsot Louis, “Free trade zones in Haiti: between industrialization, work and construction of meaning”

Léo Maillet, “From Xi’an to Tashkent: diasporas and imaginary territories on a cluster of Chinese roads in Central Asia”