While the revolutionary moment of the early Arab Spring attracted enormous attention, the one that followed has garnered far less notice. More opaque, complex, and obscure in its nature, the Arab Counter Revolution has subtly submitted the people of the Middle East and North Africa to a new political, economic, and ideological order.

Noria MENA Program’s raison d’etre is to assiduously investigate, through intensive fieldwork conducted across a number of relevant sites, each and every property of this order.

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The Middle East & North Africa Program publishes original material on our website. Noria’s initiative aims to support qualitative research that enables a better understanding of the power dynamics in the region.

Our editorial effort is coordinated by Colin Powers. We continuously receive proposals, written in English or French, for publication on our website. We encourage prospective authors to read our Manifesto Unveiling the New Political Order, which establishes the conceptual approach and the main areas of focus informing Noria’s MENA Program.


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