Romain Le Cour Grandmaison

MXAC Program Director / Co-Founder

Romain Le Cour Grandmaison is the Co-founder of Noria Research. He also acts as Chief Research Officer and Coordinator of the Mexico & Central America Program.

Romain holds a PhD. in Political Science from the Sorbonne University. Since he started working in Mexico in 2013, he has conducted more than 4 years of cumulated fieldwork, covering dynamics of violence, public security, and organized crime.

Parallel to his academic activities, Romain has been a consultant and a researcher for several United Nations agencies and organizations. He has published several research and policy articles, and he is the co-editor of the book “The State, after all. Building Authority Amidst Violence” (L’État malgré tout. Produire l’autorité dans la violence) published in France at Éditions Karthala in 2019.

Publications on Noria