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No Trespassing

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No Trespassing sheds light on the fragmentation of the territory”

This series is the result of a work that started in 2009 and focused on the fragmentation of the Palestinian territory, more precisely on the ever-increasing restrictions hindering the daily life of the Palestinians and threatening their fundamental rights. In 2012, more than 500 physical obstacles were hampering the free movement of Palestinians of the West Bank: checkpoints, roadblocks, separation wall…

Since early 2013, the systematic demolition of Palestinian households by the Israeli army affected more than 420 buildings in East Jerusalem and in the West Bank. The forced removal of civilian populations, most notably Beduins, and the extension of colonies are still ongoing, directly violating international law, while negotiations with Israel are being resumed. 20 years after the Oslo Agreements, No Trespassing sheds light on the fragmentation of the territory, hence on that of the Palestinian identity.