Created in 2019, the aim of Noria-research Turkey-Program is to study political reconfigurations through the prism of  regime transformations.

The program gathers around 18 researchers around a multidisciplinary approach and qualitative methodology. Collectively, they produce fieldwork based research, strong from analytical support from cartography and infographics, which highlight the contemporary transformations of the politics in Turkey.

The Turkey program works investigate three research axis :

  1. State transformations
  2. Partisanship field evolutions
  3. Turkish relations with its regional environment

Our core ambition is to think these three axis as connected and focus on their interactions. Presidentialisation of the regime and the debates about its legacy reveal the articulations between partisanship competition, internal balance of the Turkish state and strategic reorientations of the country.

Noria Turkey Program constitutes a space of research, publication and exchange in order to feed public and scientific debate on contemporary Turkey. Every year, open or closed events entitled the Noria Buluşmaları contribute to the scientific and public debate, and promote rich exchanges between specialists. 

Throughout its activities, Noria Turkey Program rely on institutional partnerships, such as CERI-Sciences-Po and Inalco. Noria Turkey Program is also part of the network of think-tank and research centers on Turkey Center for Applied Turkish Studies (CATS-Network), under the supervision of the Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik (SWP).