Vania Pigeonutt

Research Area : Mexico


Vania Pigeonutt is a journalist from Mexico. Her chronicles, notes and reports focus on issues of human rights, defense of territory, places in conflict, migration and gender.

She has covered key events that are part of the contemporary history of Mexico, such as the forced disappearance of the 43 normalistas of Ayotzinapa and the emergence of selfdefense groups in Guerrero.

Vania is also the Founder and Editor of the portal "Amapola Periodismo". She is the Winner of the German Journalism Award Walter Reuter 2015: "The Failure of the War on Drugs", with the text published in El Universal, July 13, 2015: Opium Children: Scratch poppy, a children's game?

She has worked for Bloomberg-El Financiero; Vice-Oxfam; El Universal; Revista Domingo; EmeEquis; Pie de Pagina.