Sidy Cissokho

Sociologist Sidy Cissokho is a researcher at the French national centre for scientific research (CNRS), attached to the Clersé laboratory at the University of Lille. His work currently focuses on Senegal, where he has been conducting an ethnography of labour law for several years now.

His work is primarily based on the use of archives, observations and ethnographic interviews. His doctoral research explored the relationship between the profession of public transport drivers and the state, in both Senegal and Ghana. On the basis of this research, he has published various articles and book chapters on topics such as petty corruption, driving licences, elections within the profession, urban transport reforms and election campaigns.

It was during his post-doctoral research that he began taking an interest in international objects; he then transferred his survey methods to the World Bank head office in Washington DC, as well as to business interest groups operating in the West African region.

Publications on Noria