Naji Abou Khalil

MENA Non-Resident Fellow

Naji Abou Khalil participated in the creation of Noria in 2011. His works focus on the political economy of armed groups and transnational trafficking networks operating in Libya.

Between 2015 and 2018, Naji served as an Armed Groups and Regional Expert for the Libya Panel of Experts created by UNSC resolution 1973. He investigated cases related to the financing of Libyan armed groups, focusing specifically upon predation strategies against state institutions and the smuggling of arms and people. As part of this work, Naji also examined regional policies and the involvement of non-Libyan armed groups in the conflict.

Prior to joining the Panel, Naji acted as a corporate security analyst and managed security sector reform and governance projects for various groups and consultancy firms in France and Libya. He holds a Master’s degree in International Security from Sciences Po as well as a Master’s degree in International Law from Lille II University.