Julia Chardavoine

Research Area : Mexico

Julia Chardavoine holds a Masters degree in Literature from the École normale supérieure and a double Masters degree in International Affairs from Sciences Po Paris and Columbia University. She received her PhD in Sociology from Dauphine University.

Her research focuses on “Business leaders in Mexico during the 21st century: the family capitalism and the globalization”. Her work questions the evolution of capitalism and economic field of power in Mexico since the withdrawal of the State from the economy, the democratization of politics, the globalization of exchanges and mobilities and the financialization process.

Julia Chardavoine has also worked for the UNESCO in Paris and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) in London.

Besides her research activities, Julia Chardavoine is also a literary translator from Russian and Spanish into French. She received the Grand Prix de traduction de la ville d’Arles in 2017 for her translation of "Gabacho", by Aura Xilonen.