Doris Buu-Sao

Doris Buu-Sao is Associate Professor at the University of Lille (CERAPS). She holds a PhD in political sciences. Her dissertation, defended in 2017, focused on the social and political transformations caused by oil extraction in the Peruvian Amazon, as they are being lived by its indigenous inhabitants.

She has published the results of this work in journals such as International Political Sociology, Politix, Genèses or Sociologie du Travail. She is currently working on mining recovery policies in the context of the energy transition in Spain, from a sociological perspective. She has written a first paper on this issue to be published in the Governance Review.
Recently, she has published an article titled “Indigènes et entrepreneurs : le capitalisme au village » (Indigenous and Entrepreneurs : Capitalism in the Village), which was awarded the Young Author Prize of theSociologie du travail journal (vol. 60, n° 3, 2018) and another one titled « Enfrentarse a la industria petrolera: dependencia cotidiana y protesta en la selva peruana » (Confronting Oil Industry: Daily Dependency and Protest in the Peruvian Amazon) in América latina hoy (vol. 79, 2018).