Sudan, “Down with the Government of Thieves!”


Since December 2018, Sudan has experienced demonstrations calling for the fall of Omar al-Bashir, who has led the country since 1989, as well as the whole regime. In this special issue, dedicated to the Sudanese uprising, Noria offers an analysis of the socio-historical dynamics which underlie the unprecedented mobilizations of the past four months. This issue offers a unique collection of field-based analyzes on the Sudanese upraising.


Clément Deshayes, Margaux Etienne, Khadidja Medani, three Noria researchers working on Sudan, conducted a series of interviews with other specialists of Sudan, whose works are based on first-hand data from fieldwork Each interview clarifies and deepens a specific dimension of the political situation. The issue as a whole allows us to outline the main dynamics of the  upraising, while underlining the scope of its social, economic and political processes.

Series of interviews

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