Ann Deslandes

Research Area : Mexico


Ann Deslandes is an Australian independent journalist, writer and researcher who has been based in Mexico City since 2018.

She reports on the impacts of the 'war on drugs' and cartel conflict, especially forced displacement in the state of Guerrero; cross-border drug supply chains, especially opium poppy and marijuana farming in Guerrero; and on transnational mining projects in Mexico.

Her reporting on those subjects has been published in Diálogo Chino, BBC’s Global Trade, Foreign Policy, The Guardian, and PRI’s The World. Ann also writes and reports on gendered violence, social movements, LGBTQI health, and migration.

In 2016 she covered responses of favela communities to that year's Summer Olympics while living in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

She is the creator and author of ‘The Troubled Region’, a monthly newsletter that tracks the changing face of foreign correspondence in a globalized, digitalized world.

A former researcher and frontline support worker in responses to violence against women and children, Ann has a PhD in Gender & Cultural Studies from the University of Sydney and has published research in academic journals on the politics and ethics of transnational social movement alliances as well as gender, urbanism, and marginality. She has also taught sociology, gender studies, international studies and global politics at several Australian universities.